Case Studies

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Three-Modular Training Programme for Braun, Ireland

A training programme for 21 participants over a period of eleven months was carried out, leading to the introduction of what was called “The John Goff Principles”. This case study demonstrates the performance and cost effectiveness of process training in a Moulding Division.

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Report on the Quality/Consistency and Process Parameter Selection/Ability of the Boy 50m Procan II Injection Moulding Machine

The criterion of the evaluation was to determine the shot and component weight variation that is achievable from the BOY 50M machine on a continual and repeatable basis portrayed in a production environment. This included starting the machine from cold and immediately upon the oil being preheated to the standard default temperature of 40ºC. The attributes of the BOY 50M were as per a standard specification using a Stage II screw motor of medium torque range and rotational speeds (max 415 Nm and 325 rpm) and a general purpose 38 mm screw of 15 : 1 L/D ratio and flight depth ratio of 2.26:1 respectively with a maximum shot capability of 121g in polystyrene.

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Comparision of Battenfeld All Electric (Servo-Motor) CDK SE 1000/200 and the Hydraulically Powered Battenfeld CDC 1000/200 Injection Moulding Machines

This involved the manufacture of a natural polyacetal control switch produced from a six-impression cold runner mould. The same 35 mm diameter screw and barrel assembly with a shot capacity of 42% was used for both machines. Measurement was to 0.0001g of the individual and collective component weights. The process was allowed to stabilise prior to the each evaluation run and the three separate 500 shot runs on both machines were taken over a period of days.

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